It seems to have been a while since I updated. Most likely because I finished the project I had previously been working on. In all honesty, posting on this DID keep me focused and I hope to use it for the same purpose in the near future, as well as increase my deviant art activity.

I've been a delinquent for a while when it comes to my art. I was good with my writing for a while, but neglected my previously started art projects.

But I've revived a few of them and hopefully will be finished with several of them soon. I've finished one, and am working on finishing another now with some others lined up.

One of the things keeping me motivated is my fresh start on DeviantArt. ( I became disillusioned with my old account. I thought it was because of the lack of comments and views, but caring less about those things now, I found that it was really because of the quality of my own gallery and the label from when I was 15. I've changed as a person and so has my need for a place such as deviantart.

Anyway, I'm in another creative upswing and I might post some of my art work here as well. Not to show it off (I do all my whoring on DA) but to actually explain the content within the images for those who want to know a little more than what I want to share on the "look and fave" website.

Diligence, productive use of time, and manic bursts of creative energies

All things I have never been good with. I am a master procrastinator, and frequently work better when I'm pressed for time. Time management is still an issue as, being a procrastinator, doing things "later" never seems like a bad idea. Usually it's the favorable one as I get distracted by bright and shiny objects quite easily. In these states, however, it's common for me to have a manic burst of creative energy. Are these bursts generally put to good use? No. When I should use them to finish a project I had already started, usually I want to start something new, or have so many grandiose ideas that I simply can't decide what to do.

Today, I have a little bit of all three of things tangling me up. I already skipped a day of writing and I really need to get that finished by my personal deadline without it seeming rushed, and as a result, bad. But, due to some extreme sleep patterns I had run into a period of epic lethargy yesterday (and thus had skipped on writing) which seems to have been followed today by a lot of energy and a desire to expand upon ideas, story breakthroughs, city and character creation, and visual development of all of the above (i.e. painting). The problem is that none of these have to do with my current short story project.

I've manages to peal myself away from the temptation of video games for the day, and indulged in my need to draw by sketching out a concept design for an important building. With that done I'm hoping to settle in for an evening of enough writing to make up for yesterday's "break" and put this manic burst to good use for once.

So Far So Good

It may be too soon to say, but so far I'm sticking to my self promise to write a page everyday... and have written several pages in the past couple days already. Hopefully this streak doesn't end until the story is finished! If I keep writing at the rate I have been the story should hopefully be done by the end of the week, leaving plenty of time for editing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

(And yes, I know it's only been technically a day since I posted my resolution, but I've been writing ahead a day. So huzzah!)


So, I have trouble motivating myself to write. I enjoy it all well enough, but I hate sucking at anything. And, let's be honest- I'm new to writing. Which means my first drafts suck, and they suck hard. But, that doesn't mean I shouldn't try. And unless I publish this in some form I'm likely to forget and just not stick to it. So I intend to make myself write a page a day of my ghost story. Specifically my ghost story and nothing else. If I get a good idea for one of my other stories I will of course note it, but that can't be my focus. I have what is basically all my life to work on it (and that's the likely outcome) but this has a time limit. So starting today, the 10th, until the 30th I will write one page a day, though not limited to a single page if I happen to hit a writing streak. I'm not intending this to be a 20 page short story so I'm hoping that this will leave me time to edit and make it not crappy, but I need to finish something because if I can't do this who's to say I will ever be able to finish anything else?


Also, currently my only follower is a dirty hun. FILTH.

Character profiles and world histories

As a fledgling "writer" I've often sat, contemplating the nature of my characters and their interaction with the world in which they live. A world can have a great impact on a person from his/her time of birth and that same person can later have a great impact on that world. But, it is necessary to have a strong foundation for both from the beginning, yes? Though I'm aware that these two aspects will continue to expand through actual story telling, I believe the creation of specific profiles and a history are a good start. So, if I stay diligent (unlikely as that may be) hopefully I will have profiles that I will be willing to post, or at least comment on.


I've had blogs before and never really kept up with them or ever wrote anything. Hopefully the same will not be true of this one. It most likely will be the case though.

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