It seems to have been a while since I updated. Most likely because I finished the project I had previously been working on. In all honesty, posting on this DID keep me focused and I hope to use it for the same purpose in the near future, as well as increase my deviant art activity.

I've been a delinquent for a while when it comes to my art. I was good with my writing for a while, but neglected my previously started art projects.

But I've revived a few of them and hopefully will be finished with several of them soon. I've finished one, and am working on finishing another now with some others lined up.

One of the things keeping me motivated is my fresh start on DeviantArt. ( I became disillusioned with my old account. I thought it was because of the lack of comments and views, but caring less about those things now, I found that it was really because of the quality of my own gallery and the label from when I was 15. I've changed as a person and so has my need for a place such as deviantart.

Anyway, I'm in another creative upswing and I might post some of my art work here as well. Not to show it off (I do all my whoring on DA) but to actually explain the content within the images for those who want to know a little more than what I want to share on the "look and fave" website.


Kyle August 8, 2010 at 1:35 AM  

Where hath thou disappeared to?

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